Independence, Peace of Mind and
                     Immediate Emergency Help is what
                          RESCUE-TEL® is all about.

RESCUE-TEL® and SafeBed™ systems work independently and are available
to order separately. However, when combining both systems, nothing
provides more protection, security and peace of mind.

RESCUE-TEL® Alert System - “Help at the Push of a Button” Automatically dials
Emergency Responders or personal contacts for emergency help. Also has Activity
Monitoring, Remote Phone Answering and other safety features.

SafeBed™ While-You-Sleep Monitoring - Should your heart stop, within seconds
an audible alarm is activated for immediate assistance from anyone within the
household. Also has Wandering Alert and optional Seizure Detection.

Movement Monitor - For the ultimate in protection, in addition to all the SafeBed™
features, also detects rapid movements which occurs during certain types of
seizures, (Epilepsy, etc.).

Vital-Link Contects RESCUE-TEL® to SafeBed™ or Movement Monitor for the
most complete protection available anywhere. Simply plugs into the SafeBed™ or
Movement monitor to communicate to the RESCUE-TEL® Alert System. Regular
price $39, but FREE when ordering both systems.

RESCUE-TEL® Professional Central Monitoring Service - 24 Hour Emergency
help and assistance 365 days per year at only $39/month. No contracts necessary
and service can be suspended or cancelled at any time without penalty. (If you are
committed to an existing contract, call to ask about our service replacement credit.)

RESCUE-TEL® can also be purchased without Central Monitoring Service. In place
of our professional monitoring, up to 4 of your personal contacts can be notified in
an emergency from the RESCUE-TEL® Alert System. ($59 programming fee

                                   Don’t delay this important decision.
                              Order your RESCUE-TEL® system today!

         The ONLY System of its kind that protects you WHILE YOU SLEEP!
                       + While Active +                       + While Sleeping +    
                    Push the Help Button                     Exclusive SafeBed™  
                         on your Console,                        under-mattress pad  
                    Pendant or Wrist Band                      detects heartbeat
                        for Immediate Help                         and sends alerts          

Immediate Emergency Help - So easy to use! Just press the button on your
console, pendant or wrist band to instantly call for help. Even if you are unable to
talk, responders will be on the way to you.

While-You-Sleep Monitoring - The patented SafeBed™ monitor is so sensitive; it
can detect your heartbeat, without touching you! The ¼” thin sensor pad is simply
placed under your mattress. Should your heart stop, within seconds, an alarm is
activated to get you immediate help.

Activity Monitor - If you lose consciousness and are unable to press the RESCUE-
TEL® button, a fail-safe timer activates to get you help.

Remote Phone Answering - Advanced 2 way speaker system lets you safely
answer telephone calls from across the room by pressing your remote button.

Wandering Protection - The SafeBed™ system can also give notification when a
person leaves the bed. This is especially useful for those who require dementia care
or have a tendency to wander.

Seizure Detection - SafeBed™ system can be upgraded to detect abnormal
nighttime rapid movements, such as an Epilepsy attack. (See Movement Monitor
page for details.)

With this very special life-saving system, you, or anyone sick or alone including
seniors and persons with special needs, can maintain their independence in the
comfort of their home, knowing that -
                       HELP IS JUST A PUSH BUTTON AWAY!

           Don’t wait until it’s too late. Order RESCUE-TEL® Security today!