SafeBed™ - Fully Automatic, While-You-Sleep Monitoring

Help is only a heartbeat away!

If your heart stops in the middle of the night - no one would know. You only have
a few minutes before irreparable heart and brain damage would occur. Would
you get help in time or would they find you in the morning when nothing can be
done? With the advanced RESCUE-TEL® system including SafeBed™
help will be alerted within precious seconds to assist you.

The SafeBed™ sensor is so sensitive that it can detect your heart beat, without
anything attached to your body, (such as chest or wrist straps or finger tip
clamp, etc.) The monitoring pad is simply positioned between your mattress and
box spring, (or between mattress and a foam pad), and the small control unit is
positioned on the wall or bed stand. Should your breathing and heartbeat cease,
within 20 seconds an alarm is sounded to alert anyone within hearing range to
assist you immediately.

Many thousands of people die in their sleep every day. Some of these people
could have had extra time to live, a second chance at life, if emergency help
could arrive in time to revive them. As witnessed countless times by emergency
paramedics and at hospitals everywhere, sometimes breathing can be
resuscitated and hearts can be restarted, but only if precious time is not lost. If a
person’s heart stops beating in the middle of the night and is not discovered
until morning, it is a certainty that they will not get a second chance at life. But if
a system was in operation that would detect a cessation of heartbeat, and then
immediately call for help, it is possible that person could have another chance to

Give yourself peace of mind, knowing that if you or a loved one needs
help, it will come, even if you are unable to communicate. You’ll sleep
better knowing that RESCUE-TEL® with SafeBed™ technology is by your
side and will take action to get help when you need it most.

Note: SafeBed™ can also sound an alarm if a person leaves the bed but does
not return within a preset time period, (important for people who may wander
from home and be lost, etc.)

Please see the Movement Monitor for an even more advanced system that can
detect and sound an alarm in the event of certain types of seizures.

Both SafeBed™ and Movement Monitor systems can be integrated with the
RESCUE-TEL® Emergency Response System to notify off-premise emergency