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The Movement Monitor is the latest technology for monitoring an individual who,
during sleep, may experience certain types of movements which a caregiver or family
member should be alerted to.

The Movement Monitor is ideal for monitoring and detecting abnormal movements
such as muscle spasms associated with a sleeping person.

The Movement monitor consists of two main components; a flexible and durable bed
sensor (L-4060SL) which is placed under the mattress, and a bed-side monitor (D-
2090-2G) with sophisticated embedded software. The Movement Monitor detects
when a person has continuous quick-paced movements over a preset period of time
and then triggers a notification. The system also notices light movements, thus
making it equally suitable for small children.

The control unit can be placed next to the bed or on the wall using the included
fastening bracket. It is operated with 2 standard AA size 1.5 V batteries. An optional,
medical grade AC adapter is also available.

Notices Faster Movements: When movements in the bed are faster than normal
movements (such as turning), the monitor triggers a notification. The notification is
triggered if the faster movements continue for longer than the preset delay. The
delay can be set to 10, 13, 16 or 20 seconds.

Sophisticated Signal Acquisition: The Movement Monitor also makes it possible to
notify the caregiver when a person leaves the bed and there are no more micro-
movements, such as those caused by a person’s breathing or heartbeat. This can be
especially useful for those who have a tendency to wander.

Interfaces with Other Systems: For short-distance notifications the Movement Monitor
has an audible alarm with adjustable volume. It can also interface with most nurse call
systems, wireless transmitters and personal emergency phones with the included dry-
contact output (NO and NC).

Both SafeBed™ and Movement Monitor systems can be integrated with the RESCUE-
TEL® Emergency Response System to notify off-premise emergency responders.