This important information could have life saving consequences to you or
someone you care about.

You never know when a tragic situation will happen. It could be a medical emergency,
fire, criminal attack, or any number of home emergencies. Countless people could be
alive today if they had signed up for this life saving system in time.

RESCUE-TEL® provides you with IMMEDIATE HELP -

Over 1½ million people suffer heart attacks every year. Over three hundred thousand will
die before reaching a hospital. Time is critical. We often hear doctors say “If only we had
known a few minutes sooner, we could have saved a life.” But time will be on your side
when you have RESCUE-TEL® standing by for instant assistance.

People joke about the TV commercial where an elderly citizen has become unable to
move and declares “Help! I’ve fallen and can’t get up!” But it’s no joking matter when you
consider that falls are the leading cause of accidental death of people over 75.

What if you or someone you care about is unable to get the phone? What if you have a
heart attack or suffer a stroke, fall and are rendered helpless! 911 can’t help you unless
you are able to get to the phone and call. And even then, 911 calls don’t always get
through. In some cases people requiring emergency help are put on hold. But when you
can’t get to the phone in time or are unable to speak for any reason, we take over. We
know what to do and we do it - we get you help, IMMEDIATELY!

Another sad statistic is that 1 in 3 violent crimes occur in homes. Burglaries and break-
ins are common occurrences, but criminals today are becoming even more aggressive.
They now forcibly enter and terrorize whomever they please. Our worse nightmares can
become reality and the physical and mental damage can be devastating.

With regular alarm systems, the response time can be delayed. Because so many times
police are dispatched on false alarms, response to an alarm system can become a low
priority. But police do respond quicker when our monitoring professionals are in direct
communication with them because they know it is a REAL emergency. Enhanced
response time means a better opportunity for the police to get to you in time and
apprehend the criminals.

Without immediate two-way voice communication, precious time is lost. With RESCUE-
TEL® two-way voice communication you get IMMEDIATE HELP. Within seconds our
security professionals are talking with you and dispatching help. We will stay in
communication with you while help is on the way. We will call the paramedics, hospital,
your doctor and anyone else that you have instructed us to contact in the case of an
emergency. In the event that you are not conscious or for any reason are unable to
communicate, we will relay all your vital information, including health history, medications,
choice or hospital and all other important information about you.

It’s easy to be protected, and now we’ve made it affordable for you! The best
really does cost less. Beware of systems that cost thousands of dollars. Even the popular
unit advertised on TV can cost up to $1,995, and it just doesn’t compare to RESCUE-

Your Personal Emergency Response System is shipped to you pre-programmed and
ready to go. All you have to do is plug it in and call RESCUE-TEL® for activation. We do
the rest.

You may never have this opportunity again. We all put off important decisions, and then
one day, without warning, “it” happens. A fateful emergency that changes everything.
When it does, will you be protected or will you be unprepared and vulnerable?

Don’t wait any longer to have the security and peace of mind RESCUE-TEL® provides.
You’ll rest easy knowing that when you need help, we’ll be waiting to help you,
IMMEDIATELY. It could be the most important decision you’ll ever make. Don’t put it off
another day.
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