Immediate Help -                                NOW with exclusive
at the Push of a Button                    Safe-Bed™ technology
is what RESCUE-TEL®                    for ALL NIGHT protection,
is all about.                                          even while you sleep!
                                    RESCUE-TEL® -
        24 Hour Personal Emergency Response Systems

          And now RESCUE-TEL® is the FIRST & ONLY system of it's kind
                                  that protects you while you SLEEP!

Other systems, commonly seen on TV, are only able to summon help for you if you
are conscious and able to push the help button. But what happens if you are not
conscious? After you go to bed and fall asleep, those systems are of no value. But
while you are sleeping, RESCUE-TEL® continues watching over you by monitoring
your vital signs with a highly sensitive movement sensor that is easily installed under
your mattress. (Nothing to wear and nothing touches you.)
It is so sensitive that it
detects your breathing and even your heartbeat!

Should your breathing and heartbeat cease, within 10 seconds RESCUE-TEL®
sounds an audible alarm to awaken anyone in your house to immediately assist you.
If you live alone or when no one is available at your home to come to your aid,
RESCUE-TEL® automatically begins calling for help. Within seconds the RESCUE-
TEL® monitoring center is alerted to send emergency help to you immediately.

Give yourself peace of mind, knowing that if you or a loved one needs help, it will
come, even if you are unconscious. You’ll sleep better knowing that RESCUE-TEL®
will take action to get you help when you need it.

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